Mother of Pearl collar chain

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Made from new + post consumer products. Clip it to your collar, your cardigan, or even in your hair! Love how dainty and sweet this one is!

alligator clips - 3/4”, brass (will tarnish with time)

Gold tone curb chain - 2.75”, unknown metals (post consumer/reclaimed)

Gold tone cable chain - 6.75”, unknown metal, but I really think it’s at least gold plated or semi-precious.  It seems like a higher quality chain, and the necklace I scavenged it from had a .925 mark on the connector, which indicates sterling silver. (post consumer/reclaimed)

iridescent shell charm - 1”, I believe it’s real Mother of Pearl or sea shell. Electroplated with a gold tone metal. (post consumer/reclaimed)

beads - .5”, glass green beads and faux pearl acrylic beads (post consumer/reclaimed)