Moon loop necklace chain

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handmade from new + post consumer products. This is a necklace without a closure. You wear it by passing the charm thru the o-ring loop. 

Crescent charm - raw brass (will tarnish with time)

Gold tone double curb chain - 22.25”, unknown metals (post consumer/reclaimed)

Tortoiseshell o-ring - 2”, plastic or resin (post consumer/reclaimed)

green bead and charm - .5” + .75”, faceted glass (post consumer/reclaimed)

gold tone o-ring - 5/8”, unknown metal (post consumer/reclaimed)

***** DISCLAIMER *****
the design of this necklace is like a “slip collar” - any metal around your neck is a choking/suffocation hazard, but if someone were to pull on the charm it could easily tighten around your neck. PLEASE WEAR WITH CAUTION !!! DO NOT wear if you are working with any kind of machinery or doing any kind of physically demanding activity.