Shirts and other garments that were not made in-house, but have been hand screen printed with a custom design. Each shirt is different, and some are vintage. Please see the individual product description for specific measurements, fabric contents, labels, and age. 

The shirts are sourced in post-consumer ways, meaning they’re thrifted or purchased thru rag houses or vintage resellers. Occasionally I get shirts from deadstock wholesalers, meaning they've never been worn, but aren't "new".

Sourcing in this way is important to me, as I don’t want to contribute to the production of more unnecessary T-shirts. Also, T-shirt factories often have terrible working conditions. There are already so many blank shirts in existence, so why not use them?? It’s a lot of extra work on my part, since the sizing is always different and I have to look for flaws and photograph each and every shirt individually… but I believe it to be worth the work, I hope you appreciate the unique nature of these pieces!!
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